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Native American Cultural Property Law

Detailed Seminar Agenda

Seminar Overview

Review the use of federal, state, and tribal law to manage and protect Native American cultural property under NAGPRA, ARPA, the Antiquities Act, NHPA, NEPA, AIRFA, The Indian Arts and Crafts Act, Sacred Sites, and selected state and tribal codes, with special emphasis on the collections aspects of NAGPRA. Discussion will cover the government-to-government obligations of federal and state agencies, the fiduciary responsibility to tribes, and applications related to cultural property through human rights law (sec. 1983), contract and tort applications, and intellectual/intangible property law.


Sherry Hutt, J.D., Ph.D., program manager, National NAGPRA Program, National Park Service; trainer and author of books and articles on cultural property law and management; former Superior Court Judge, ARPA prosecutor, and museum trustee

Evaluation Comments

"Super handling of a diverse, often confusing subject area. Dealt with from a more personal perspective without excessive legal rhetoric."

"It clarified a number of things about the laws and regulations for me."

"Will be helpful in dealing with Native American consultation, curation of artifacts, and Native American issues in general."

"It answered some specific questions and cleared up gray areas of how the law operates and my agency's responsibility."

"The quality and depth of pertinent information exceeded by expectations."


Lawyers, resource managers, land use planners, historic preservation officers; tribal liaisons for state, tribal, and federal agencies and tribal staff; and curators and collections managers.

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Locations and Dates

  • Denver, CO
    September 26-27, 2013
    offered in conjunction with
    Section 106: An Introduction
    in cooperation with
    the National Park Service, Intermountain Region

Seminar Location, Hours, and Hotels

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Cost (see Register for more information)

$450 (6-week advance registration); $500 (regular registration)
Rate for 5 days including Section 106: An Introduction:
$900 (6-week advance registration); $950 (regular registration)

Customized/On-Site Training

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Detailed Seminar Agenda

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