The Secretary of the Interior’s Standards: An Overview

Seminar Overview

The Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties form the basis for work on historic properties, including all federal undertakings, federal tax benefits, and, often, state, local, and private projects. Explore the Standards in detail, with particular attention to identifying significance and determining appropriate preservation strategies for historic fabric. Explore the topics of accessibility, building codes, fire protection, resiliency, security, and sustainability that may impact decisionmaking. Through hands-on exercises, participants learn how to apply the Standards to their projects.

Detailed Seminar Agenda


Judith Capen, RA, prinicpal and co-founder, architrave p.c., architects, specializing in historic preservation, research, sustainability, and architecture; projects range from log houses to the nation's Washington, DC, landmarks


John J. Cullinane, AIA, specialist in the development of planning tools for the stewardship of historic and architectural resources; historic architect and director of training for SEARCH Inc.; formerly senior architect, Advisory Council on Historic Preservation

Evaluation Comments

"I've been working as staff to a historic district commission, trying to get them to tighten up their standards, based on the Secretary of the Interior's Standards. This workshop gives me ample justification. Excellent pace, slides, cases, and good discussion."

"You did a short overview at the beginning-we don't always admit we don't know the basics."

"I especially appreciated the open discussion format of the workshop, which led to a sharing of information among participants."

"I have a better understanding of the standards that are applied to NRHP structures."

"The instructor had a "very good understanding of various standards applied to and interrelationships between different government programs."


Property owners, developers, cultural resource managers, architects, and design professionals involved in developing or reviewing rehabilitation projects.

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Locations and Dates

  • Richmond, VA
    April 21-22, 2020
    in cooperation with the
    Virginia Department of Historic Resources
  • Indianapolis, IN
    September 9-10, 2020
    in cooperation with the
    Indiana Department of Natural Resources,
    Division of Historic Preservation and Archaeology
    and Indiana Landmarks

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