• Historic Preservation Professionals
    The Historic Preservation Professionals Facebook group is for historic preservation professionals who have worked, are currently working, or aim to work in the field. This is a space to share items of interest—events, job postings, research, news, etc.
  • NAGPRA Community of Practice
    NAGPRA Community of Practice hosts bi-monthly video calls, a Facebook group, and a listserv to foster a community that is supported, connected, and empowered to facilitate repatriation.
  • Preservation Roundtable
    The Preservation Roundtable is an informal gathering of historic preservation professionals and advocates held in Washington, DC. In 2024, Roundtable will host two luncheons (June 11 and December 18) and two evening Happy Hour events (April 4 and September 18) with a presentation by a guest speaker. Click here for more information on Roundtable. Click here for the 2024 Membership Application.
  • Women In Preservation
    Women in Preservation (WIP) is a formal gathering organized occasionally by an ad hoc group for the sole purpose of hosting a WIP networking event in Washington, DC.