• Preservation Roundtable
    The Preservation Roundtable is an informal gathering of historic preservation professionals and advocates held monthly in Washington, DC. Wednesday, December 7, 2022, is our next luncheon. Read more.
  • Women In Preservation
    Women in Preservation (WIP) is a formal gathering organized occasionally by an ad hoc group for the sole purpose of hosting a WIP networking event in Washington, DC. Read more.
  • Historic Roads Conference: 2022 Preserving the Historic Road International
    Advocacy to Action: Meeting the Challenges of the Next Generation. Portland, Oregon, from September 22–24, 2022. The conference is designed to meet the challenges for historic roads in the coming decades. Engage in direct conversations with experts, go into the field with some of America’s greatest roads, and reimagine how to identify, preserve and manage the next generation of historic roads. Read more.
  • Traditional Building Conference
    Programming about traditional building materials and methods on the theme "Methods and Materials" will be hosted during three in-person conferences. Topics include masonry restoration, glazing for energy efficiency and preserving historic character, and adaptive uses for traditional and historic buildings. West Palm Beach, FL, December 14-15, 2022. Read more.