NPI is offering online training modules that complement existing seminar curriculum. Click here for a list of available modules. We will be adding new online training modules on a regular basis. We also are accepting proposals from potential instructors on new topics.

Protecting seminar participants, instructors, staff of Cooperating Organizations, and everyone who works with NPI to fulfill its mission has been our highest priority during this challenging time. While in-person seminar training has been temporarily suspended, seminars are planned for 2023.

We would be glad to discuss online or in-person customized training options with interested organizations.

Look for updates on training options on this site, on Facebook, on LinkedIn, and in email notices. Check back with us often and sign up to receive email notices using the Contact Us (Email/Mail List) button if you are not already receiving them.

Online Training: Registration

On-demand training modules can be taken at any time. Registration is recommended in advance for webinars. Course access is limited to the individual registered and enrolled in the course. Click here to view offerings and register.

Seminars: Registration

Registration is recommended at least 6 weeks prior to the seminar to secure a place and to avoid cancellation due to low enrollment.

Seminars: Location, Hours, and Hotels

Confirmation of registration is sent out by email to registered participants one month prior to the seminar date and includes the location, hours, and a list of conveniently located hotels. Seminars generally are held from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Seminars: Registration Fees

Rates are effective through December 31, 2020.
Calculate fees based on total number of seminar days within a 5-day period.
Discounts may be available when registering 4 or more participants from the same organization for one seminar.

Advance: registrations received at least 6 weeks prior to the seminar
Regular: registrations received less than 6 weeks prior to seminar
Student: full-time student; identification must be submitted at time of registration

1 day: $300 advance; $350 regular; $200 student
2 days: $550 advance; $600 regular; $300 student
3 days: $700 advance; $750 regular; $350 student
4 days: $850 advance; $900 regular; $400 student
5 days: $1,000 advance; $1,050 regular; $450 student

Seminars: Payment Options

Payment by check or credit card or a training voucher/purchase order must be received at least 2 weeks prior to the seminar. Check deposits and credit card charges are made 2 to 4 weeks prior to the seminar and fees are not refundable; training vouchers/purchase orders are invoiced. Cancellations must be received 4 weeks prior to the seminar; a rescheduling fee may be applied to later cancellations. Registrants receive a full refund if the seminar is cancelled by NPI. NPI reserves the right to substitute an instructor if necessary and will notify registered participants whenever possible.

NPI Scholarships

Scholarships covering tuition fees for NPI trainings are available for participants who show a justifiable need for the training and tuition assistance. Read more and download the application.

Registration Forms

Submit ONE of the following:

Continuing Education Credits

NPI does not participate in any continuing education programs offered by professional organizations. Self-reporting may be an option for members of organizations that require continuing education credits. 

Certificates of Attendance

Certificates of attendance indicating completion of training are available from NPI. For eLearnings and webinars: participants who complete a module may request and receive a certificate at the end of the training. For seminars: certificates are mailed at the end of each semester to participants who attend the entire seminar. Participants may request a certificate during the registration process by checking the box on the registration form. A certificate for a one-day seminar provides 6 training hours, a two-day seminar provides 12 training hours, and a three-day seminar provides18 training hours.


Contact NPI at 703.765.0100 or