GIS for Cultural Resources: Advanced Techniques

Seminar Overview

Review how to use geographic information system (GIS) technology for applications that go beyond the basics for identification, evaluation, protection, and preservation of cultural resources. From geo referencing historic maps to publishing data online, looking at the latest data sources/types, and producing story maps, there are many innovative ways to use GIS technology to expand the resources available to professionals and the general public.

This seminar is offered in conjunction with Emerging Technologies for Cultural Resources and GIS for Cultural Resources: An Introduction.

Detailed Seminar Agenda


Deidre McCarthy, GISP, chief, Cultural Resources Geographic Information Systems (CRGIS) Facility, National Park Service; facilitates the use of GIS to manage the location, status, and condition of cultural resources

Evaluation Comments

“Absolutely valuable and applicable to my real-world project needs.”

“I am more aware of terminology and the process so I can better understand the GIS technicians.”

“Gave more sources for public data than I anticipated. Plus, many examples of tools and devices.”

“An overview of GIS capabilities was useful.” “Met my expectations for advance GIS tools with ARC GIS Explorer information.” “I completely understand what georeferencing is and geodatabases.”

“Appreciated discussion of referencing historic maps and discussion on appropriate tools for surveying.” “The storyboards application will be very beneficial to my agency’s programs.”

“Useful to hear others and their issues and suggestions. The open discussion was by far the most useful.”

“The information is very helpful and I expect to use much of it in my position.”


Archaeologists, architectural historians, cultural resource managers, planners, landscape architects, historic preservationists, and historians.


GIS for Cultural Resources: An Introduction or familiarity with basic GIS terminology, functionality, and ArcGIS desktop software/ESRI products

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