Cemetery Landscapes: A Practical Guide to Care and Maintenance


Learn how to protect historic cemetery landscapes, preserve integrity of design, and safeguard tombstones and monuments while pursuing a practical outlook on maintenance and budget concerns. Explore approaches to caring for softscapes, or plantings, and hardscapes, including roads, pathways, and benches. Discuss effective pruning and cutting techniques, and when chemicals and heavy equipment can be safely and productively used. Review the basics of short- and long-term preservation plans.

Detailed Agenda


Debi Hacker, conservation administrator, Chicora Foundation, Inc., specializing in cemetery landscapes, including assessments and maintenance recommendations, and has experience conducting detailed recordation of both African-American and Euro-American cemeteries throughout the Southeast

Evaluation Comments

"Great information. Will be applied ASAP."

"The flower, shrub, and tree information was well beyond my expectations."

"I wish my superintendent had been with me!"

"Underscored my understanding of maintenance; I very much appreciated learning how long it takes to do maintenance."

"Glad I came!!! I don't feel like a voice in the wilderness."

"Exceeded in quality and quantity of information covered."

"This information should be required for all cemetery workers!"


Cemetery managers; members of cemetery preservation groups and boards; landscape architects, contractors, and technicians; cultural resource managers

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