CERCLA and NHPA Coordination for Superfund Sites


Identify opportunities to coordinate Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA) and National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA) responses at Superfund remediation sites that may include cultural sites or be a historic property. Focus on how to anticipate and plan for incorporation of the Section 106 process into project management and community consultation. Learn how to determine if NHPA applies, evaluate the use of feasibility studies and risk assessments, and discuss the conclusion and resolution of the process.

Detailed Agenda


Claudia Nissley, president, C. Nissley Environmental Consultants; a nationally recognized expert in cultural heritage laws and practices; author, educator, and consultant; former executive manager with the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation and governor-appointed Wyoming State Historic Preservation Officer

Evaluation Comments

"Discussions with the group were great. It gave a little more clarity on the gray area of CERCLA/NHPA."

"Concise summary of nexus or non-nexus between CERCLA and Section 106."

"Met my expectations, I now have a clearer understanding of CERCLA."

"I appreciated the way Section 106 was woven into the CERCLA presentation."


Federal, state, local, and tribal officials; contractors; and community representatives involved in Superfund site remediation.

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