NAGPRA and ARPA: Applications and Requirements


Review the historical context and intent of the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA) and the Archaeological Resources Protection Act (ARPA). Learn how these laws apply to the treatment, repatriation, and disposition of Native American cultural items and to the protection of archaeological resources on federal and tribal lands. Examine differences in legal definitions, when and how regulations apply, and permit requirements. Discuss practical applications and effective strategies for developing agreements prior to ground-disturbing actions.

Detailed Agenda


Claudia Nissley, president, C. Nissley Environmental Consultants; a nationally recognized expert in cultural heritage laws and practices; author, educator, and consultant; former executive manager with the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation and governor-appointed Wyoming State Historic Preservation Officer

Evaluation Comments

"Clarification of language, specifics, and definitions met. Reference from Heritage Resources Law was comprehensive."

"Complexity of issues from tribe to tribe made evident."

"Was able to have group discussion and use local example."

"Learned a lot about case law. Very interesting!"

"The seminar exceeded expectations-discussions and how NHPA, ARPA, NAGPRA, and even NEPA work together."


Federal and tribal officials, contractors, and other practitioners of cultural resource conservation on federal or tribal land; curators and collections managers.

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