NAGPRA: Preparing for and Writing Grant Proposals


The National NAGPRA Program offers grants to assist museums and Indian tribes with the compliance process under the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA). The NAGPRA process may include consultation and documentation regarding human remains and cultural items, and their repatriation or disposition. Learn how to assess the needs of a NAGPRA program, identify fundable projects, and write successful Consultation/Documentation and Repatriation grant proposals.

Detailed Agenda


Jan I. Bernstein, founder and managing director, Bernstein & Associates NAGPRA Consultants, provides Indian tribes, Native Hawaiian organizations, museums, and federal agencies with NAGPRA implementation services, including training, grant writing, strategic plan development and  consultation planning and facilitation


Mary Anne Kenworthy, attorney, Department of Interior Solicitor’s Office; specializing in Indian law and focusing primarily on trust lands and cultural resource issues; provides training to tribes and law enforcement personnel on implementation and prosecution of violations under ARPA and NAGPRA


Megon Noble, NAGPRA project manager, University of California, Davis, coordinates NAGPRA compliance efforts for the campus; previously the Archaeology NAGPRA coordinator with the Burke Museum, University of Washington, and taught museums collections management

Evaluation Comments

“I now understand NAGPRA at a whole new level. The seminar was very intensive, in depth, and easy to understand. The instructors presented valuable information on NAGPRA grant-writing basics. The training was well organized and very informative.”
“The seminar exceeded expectations. I have never written a grant, but am willing to try now.”
“I feel like I have a solid project to take back to my institution to further not only NAGPRA goals, but overall consultation with tribal representatives.”
“It helped to understand how to narrow grant expectations to a manageable project and the importance of keywords to use and not use. I was very happy with the seminar. I learned a lot.”

“This seminar exceeded my expectations in many ways. The best thing was the procedures and process for applying for a NAGPRA grant.”


Staff of Indian tribes, Alaska Native villages, Native Hawaiian organizations, and museums

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Customized Training

This in-person seminar is currently not scheduled, however NPI offers customized training to meet specific organizational needs at a location and time convenient for the sponsor. In-person seminars, online, on-demand courses, and/or webinars may be based on current NPI offerings or new preservation-related training may be developed.


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