ArcGIS for Cultural Resources: An Introduction


Discuss introductory geographic information system (GIS) concepts and functionality, combining spatial technologies and database management systems in the area of historic preservation. Learn how to use ArcGIS software through hands-on exercises for identification, evaluation, protection, and preservation of cultural resources. From assisting with inventories, to mapping historic districts and battlefields, to mitigating the impact of disasters on historic areas, GIS technology can be used to provide a better basis for planning and decisionmaking for the nation’s heritage.

This seminar is offered in conjunction with ArcGIS for Cultural Resources: Advanced Techniques and Emerging Technologies for Cultural Resources.

Detailed Agenda


Deidre McCarthy, GISP, chief, Cultural Resources Geographic Information Systems (CRGIS) Facility, National Park Service; facilitates the use of GIS to manage the location, status, and condition of cultural resources

Evaluation Comments

"Exceeded my expectations. The presentation made a complex subject more understandable and will help me use GIS in my work."

"Provided a good overview and enabled participants to gain a working knowledge of GIS ArcView."

"The hands-on and theoretical discussion is a good combination! The instructor bridged the cultural resources and technical divide very well."

"Exercises were key to building confidence."

"[Provided] archaeological applications to GIS. No other course I know offers this."

"Lots of information. I will use the printed materials extensively."

"I have taken GIS classes before. This covered so much more! Plus, focusing on cultural resources-data I will use-helps me relate."


Archaeologists, architectural historians, cultural resource managers, planners, landscape architects, historic preservationists, and historians.

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