Videos—HP Basics, Cultural Landscapes, Economics, NAGPRA


Historic Preservation Basics

  • Historic Preservation in America American History TV, C-SPAN3
            John Sprinkle talks about his book, Saving Spaces: Historic Land
            Conservation in the United States

Cultural Landscapes


  • Introduction to Historic Preservation Module 3 Josh Rogers Georgia Main Street YouTube Channel
          Overview of preservation and National Register of Historic Places, focus on
          Historic Tax Credits

  • The Revolving Fund
          Produced by National Trust for Historic Preservation and 1772 Foundation,
          created by Savannah College of Art and Design

Native American Cultural Interests and NAGPRA

  • National NAGPRA Program online training and videos
           Training on a variety of topics for beginner through advanced practitioners

  • NAGPRA 101: The Basics Under the Law, National NAGPRA Program and NPI
            Eric Hemenway on the basics of the law, who the law applies to, and why the
            law was created (95 minutes)

  • NAGPRA Consultation, National NAGPRA Program and NPI
            Eric Hemenway on when consultation occurs, the legal mandates for
            consultation, and who the consulting parties are under NAGPRA (79 minutes)

  • NAGPRA Consultation in a Virtual Setting, National NAGPRA Program and NPI
            Sarah O'Donnell, Jane Richardson, and Claire Wilbert explore the ways that
            meaningful consultation can take place in virtual settings as part of compliance
            with Subpart C of NAGPRA (24 minutes)

  • NAGPRA Inventories, National NAGPRA Program and NPI
            Eric Hemenway on what an inventory is and who must compile one, the legal
            definition of categories under an inventory, and why an inventory is necessary
            under NAGPRA (57 minutes)

  • NAGPRA Summaries, National NAGPRA Program and NPI
            Eric Hemenway on what a summary is and who must compile one, the legal
            definition of categories under a summary, and why a summary is necessary
            under NAGPRA (58 minutes)

  • Aboriginal Land and NAGPRA, National NAGPRA Program and NPI
            Jan Bernstein and Jane Richardson review available resources for identifying
            aboriginal land, demonstrate their uses, and review case studies (16 minutes)

  • Establishing a NAGPRA Data Management System for Museums, National NAGPRA Program and NPI
            Jane Richardson and Claire Wilbert discuss how best to establish and 
            maintain a robust data management system as part of NAGPRA compliance
           (25 minutes)

  • NAGPRA McClure Archives & University Museum Facebook Page
            NAGPRA Preparator, Ashley McGuffy talks about her grant-funded position

  • What is NAGPRA Gilcrease Museum Facebook page
            Sarah O'Donnell, Osage Nation, and Laura Bryant, Gilcrease Museum,
            discuss NAGPRA's importance and impact on museums and tribes