Cultural and Natural Resources: An Integrated Management Strategy


Explore a holistic stewardship approach to an integrated management strategy for cultural and natural resources on public and private lands. These resources often are analyzed and planned for independently, leading to isolated approaches. Through case studies, discuss and evaluate long-term planning and decision making processes that combine legal and management frameworks to better conserve and preserve the core values of these resources.

Detailed Agenda


Claudia Nissley, president, C. Nissley Environmental Consultants; a nationally recognized expert in cultural heritage laws and practices; author, educator, and consultant; former executive manager with the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation and governor-appointed Wyoming State Historic Preservation Officer

Evaluation Comments

“Discussions and brain storming were worthwhile exercises. Allowed me to think outside of the box and to develop different approaches when considering or developing management plans.”

“Good discussion of concepts and issues in a structured forum.”

“There was a lot of interaction, participation, and discussion.”

“Good examples of where NEPA fulfilled Section 106 (cultural resource requirements).”

“Provided thoughtful ideas for future projects and informing management plans.”

“Some of the topics that were discussed and brought in as examples I had heard about, but now I think I know some of the ways of getting around.”

“Exposure to the material was very helpful, especially the laws beyond NEPA and NHPA.”


Natural and cultural resource management coordinators, planners, and managers working for federal, state, and local government, nonprofit, and private land-managing agencies and organizations.

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