Archaeological Curation and Collections Management


Become familiar with principles and methods for curation and management of archaeological collections. Topics will include responsibilities under federal regulations (36 CFR Part 79), archaeological standards, collections policies, costs of curation, storage facilities, proper housing of collections, archaeological laboratory procedures, cataloguing systems, and educating the public with archaeological collections.

This seminar is offered in conjunction with Conservation Strategies for Archaeologists.

Detailed Agenda


Barbara H. Magid, archaeological consultant, specializing in archaeological collections management and the study of historic artifacts; formerly curator and collections manager for the Alexandria Archaeology Museum


Guest speakers

Evaluation Comments

“A good review and a good opportunity to meet and talk to other collections managers.”

“It met my expectations by getting more detailed about appropriate methods and providing resources for further research. It exceeded it by the great contacts that have been made.”

“I have a much better grasp of issues involved in collections management.”

“It was especially beneficial to see that we all have had the same or similar issues and to see how to go about trying to solve or improve situations. This is definitely one of the best workshops I have attended.”

“Many good ideas on different materials and storage.”

“The resources offered in the forms of bibliographies, web sites, vendors, and grant resources were helpful. [They’ll] allow me to take further steps to rectify less than perfect situations within our budget restrictions.” 

“I did not expect to get so many ideas. I was truly stimulated intellectually.”

“As someone who has attended many seminars, this one was by far the most helpful. I learned beneficial information regarding preparation and storage of collections. I feel much more prepared in the proper handling of collections prior to handing them over to a repository. Also useful was learning about the museum side of collection handling.”


Managers responsible for archaeological collections; archaeologists; museum curators and administrators.

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In-person seminars will resume in 2023; please check back for updates. Click here or go to About NPI for an update. When scheduled, this seminar is offered in conjunction with Conservation Strategies for Archaeologists.

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