Historic Property Management


Historic property management combines preservation maintenance with modern systems management. Learn how to read your building, search for solutions, and then care for the building envelope by maintaining its historic materials. Explore how to balance the environmental needs of the building with its users. Understand the impacts on historic properties of pest management practices and mechanical building systems—HVAC, plumbing, fire, security, and lighting. Discuss how to train in-house staff and when to hire a specialist to identify a problem or a contractor to handle a specific task.

This seminar is offered in conjunction with HSRs and Maintenance Plans: Tools for Preservation.

Detailed Agenda


Ernest A. Conrad, P.E., LEED AP, CEM, BEAP, professional environmental engineer specializing in environmental systems for museums, archives, and historic facilities; co-author of "Museums, Libraries and Archives Design" in the ASHRAE Handbook and of Archival and Special Collections Facilities Guidelines


Alfonso A. Narvaez, principal, Aeon Preservation Services LLC, with experience on technical preservation projects nationwide; formerly principal architectural conservator with John Milner Associates, Inc. and historical architect with the National Park Service

Evaluation Comments

“I do like the hands-on, pragmatic approach. This was terrific – thanks so much!”

“Exceeded my expectations in depth of materials, clarity of presentation, usefulness of information, and ‘interesting-ness’ of examples.”

“The seminar provided relevant and useful information in an interesting manner. The extensive use of case studies was very helpful.”

“I found this seminar extremely informative. It will definitely assist me in doing my job.”

“360° knowledge base of Mr. Narvaez was fantastic. One of the best seminars I have ever attended on any topic.”

“Great information and handouts—the experience of the instructors is invaluable and really made me think about my sites.”

“Great instructors. Very apparent that they both love their fields. Thanks for sharing.”


Managers of historic properties, facilities, and house museums; maintenance supervisors; preservation architects, engineers, and project managers.

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Locations and Dates

  • In-person seminars will resume in 2023; please check back for updatesClick here or go to About NPI for an update.
  • Montpelier, VT
    May 6-8, 2020 cancelled due to COVID-19; to be rescheduled in 2023
    offered in conjunction with
    HSRs and Maintenance Plans: Tools for Preservation
    in cooperation with the
    Vermont Division for Historic Preservation

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